“…behaviors are driven by character and decision.  Behaviors may seek to rule but they are also subject to rules.  Behaviors alter the composition of the atmospheres around them.  Behaviors cause personalities to submit to them, as behaviors are subject to the decisions of their owners.  Behaviors change, and should.  People are the change agents, and values are the reasons why conduct is subject to modification. Simply put: behaviors are choices.”

“The leader’s job is to design and implement environments of mixing, where good decisions based on commitment to agreed values permeate all.”

“What is the agent that brings diverse groups together to accomplish great things, often in spite of negative circumstances?  It is nothing more than desire.”

“Every team member may not agree with every facet of functionality in which the team engages, but great teams who strive to be part of and create solutions that work, possess strong and maturing relationships, and these are their prime encouragements and motivations for success.”

“Industrial strength solutions come from the inside out before they ever are offered or imposed from the outside in.”

“Just because strong people are present does not guarantee that their combined strengths will be mixed in such a way as to produce longevity and good working environments.”

“Truly powerful people, where power is seen as a tool to benefit and not to destroy, don’t require titles or positions as motivators or causes for excellence, nor do they have the need for close proximity to powerful cloisters to know acceptance and worth.”

“…better people produce better products and problem solutions!”

“…true character is seen more in the completion of the additional than in the perfunctory accomplishment of the required.”

“A great core team’s preparation is not sacrificed on an altar of urgency because this team has made itself ready, and each person knows his or her role and responsibility.”

“The beginning is desire.  Action makes achieving balance a reality.”

“Change of relationship-driven action doesn’t have to originate from the top.  While there are perceived and real benefits if it is generated there, positive alterations really come from the committed, regardless of their stations or status.  Those who articulate and activate truth in their own lives demonstrate that an idea for healthy change is worthy of an audience above, across from, or below.”

“Where people long for uplifting changes, repeatable models are the ones upon which longevity is built.  Where they are seen to work in one place, they will work in another.”

“The proof is this: it has been seen to work within you.”

“Where the goal is large enough, the reasons sure enough and the foundational principles enduring enough, there exists abundant motivation and reserves to accomplish a sought-after result, if the desire is strong enough.”

“Those who rise from lesser to greater character may not be people on whom accolades are poured.  Yet, those whose conquests consist of taming their inmost struggles are the truest of persons revered, restored.”

“Core teams that comprise workable solutions invade negatives with perspectives born of what can be, not what isn’t.”

“It all begins with desire.  If you want to create and be part of an industrial strength solution, act.  Use your strength of character to decide to change yourself, first.  Others will notice, some will support, many will admire, and a few will join.  Work with them.”

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When people are combined on work teams on the basis of agreements of essence and essential core values, their work environments become places where their talents and abilities reflect heart-felt longings for excellence in contribution that demonstrate proper alignments of people and production, proving this unalterable premise: people are more important than the products they produce.

Industrial Strength Solutions Build Successful Work Teams! is a book for any organization that wants to grow its people and improve its production. From creating a team to strengthening its function, the book provides step-by-step practical applications of leadership and team principles that work.

Do you want to help create and involve yourself in the workings of a team where people are treated as valuable and therefore produce value-added contributions, or do you want to be satisfied with work groups as usual where production is too often consumptive of the people who produce it? The answer to that question will give meaning to the assimilation of the context and content, the principles and practices described in
Industrial Strength Solutions.


"No fancy theories here, just the realities of working with (and leading) teams. This book will make you think—hard—about what it means to lead."
—Seth Godin, Author,
Purple Cow

"Industrial Strength Solutions provides solutions and formulas that serve to create teams of people of diverse chemistry committed to common shared values, principles and solutions. As Glen so accurately puts it, well cultivated desire becomes one of the most important ingredients of a successful team."
—Dana Cornell, President, and Jerry Crouch, Executive Vice President, GTM’s Discount General Stores